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You don’t have to renovate your entire facility or break the bank to create more warehouse space. Even simple adjustments to your existing layout and equipment can make a world of difference in increasing your storage capacity.

Whether narrowing your warehouse aisles, installing a mezzanine platform or investing in equipment that better accommodates your layout, there are numerous space-saving strategies to consider. Read on to explore some practical听warehouse space utilization tips.

The Benefits of Optimizing Your Warehouse Space

A well-organized warehouse can help you overcome challenges like:

  • Clutter and waste.
  • Ineffective inventory management.
  • High labor costs.
  • Unpreparedness for seasonal demands.
  • Slow order processing.

Optimizing your facility’s layout can increase productivity and efficiency, which can impact profits and customer satisfaction. Here are some benefits of leveraging your warehouse space.

1. More Storage Space

Making the most of your warehouse layout enhances your facility’s storage capacity. Finding untapped opportunities to boost storage 鈥 such as installing a mezzanine platform system, opting for vertical racking or reducing your aisle width 鈥 is a great way to free up space and cut down on extra storage costs.

2. Improved Productivity

An optimized warehouse layout creates a smoother traffic flow of inventory, staff and equipment, significantly boosting productivity. You can streamline your warehouse operations, from receiving inventory to shipping.

3. Increased Customer Satisfaction

An effective warehouse layout facilitates more efficient operations, helping you manage increasing demands and meet deadlines. Providing your customers with quality products and timely delivery will increase their overall experience and satisfaction. They’ll more likely give you their business again or leave a positive review.

Below are some warehouse space-saving methods that may help you reap these benefits.

Narrow warehouse aisles

Saving Space With Narrow Isles

There’s a simple solution when you find yourself running out of warehouse storage space 鈥 narrowing your warehouse aisles. It may seem counterintuitive, but narrow aisle racking lets you store more inventory per square foot.

Reducing your aisle space allows you to fit more racks and, thus, more products. Conventional warehouse aisles are typically听听wide to accommodate standard forklifts and machinery, but you can significantly increase storage space by opting for narrower aisles.

However, you may need to adjust your equipment to accommodate these smaller aisle widths. Standard forklift configurations typically won’t fit in narrower aisles. Reducing your equipment size will allow your staff to maneuver aisles comfortably, store more inventory and maximize warehouse space.

Here are the different types of aisle widths and some ideal forklift types for each.

1. Conventional Aisles

Also called “wide aisles,” conventional warehouse aisles have the most width. While they can accommodate a wide range of equipment sizes, they don’t provide nearly as much storage capacity as narrow and very narrow aisles.

Standard four-wheel electric forklifts 鈥 such as the听Yale庐 ERP155-190VNL, the听Yale庐 ERP030-040VFL听and the听Yale庐 ERP080-120VM听鈥 are ideal for traditional wide aisle sizes and heavy-duty lifting requirements. Like with any aisle width, ensure the forklift’s turning radius can accommodate your conventional warehouse aisles.

2. Narrow Aisles

Narrow aisles are 8-10 feet wide. You can save听听of your storage space by choosing narrow aisles. Offering single and deep reach capabilities,听Yale庐 narrow aisle reach forklifts听are well-suited to this warehouse aisle type.

Combining the latest technology, next-level performance and a 3,000-4,500-pound capacity range, they can surpass your expectations in demanding storage applications.

3. Very Narrow Aisles

Very narrow warehouse aisles are 6 feet wide or less. They can听听by 40%-50%. Here are some forklifts we recommend for very narrow aisles:

  • Yale庐 NTA-SB:听罢丑别听Yale听NTA-SB very narrow aisle series听offers the performance and reliability needed to navigate slim warehouse spaces. It provides optimal stability and ergonomics to maintain productivity in high-bay warehouses.
  • Hyster Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) lift trucks:Hyster VNA lift trucks听can help your team retrieve pallets efficiently and leverage storage capacity in high-intensity operations.

Other Equipment for Narrow Aisles

Here are some other equipment solutions for narrow and very narrow aisle widths:

  • Reach trucks:听Reach trucks are specialized forklifts that can accommodate narrow aisle applications. They have a single set of wheels and two outer legs to help retrieve and distribute loads efficiently. Hyster听reach trucks听are suitable for limited aisle space. With lift capacities of 3,000-5,500 pounds, these trucks can handle heavy loads with maximum productivity and operator comfort.
  • Order pickers:听Order pickers can reach from side to side and make inventory more accessible for operators, making them excellent for narrow aisles. 罢丑别听Yale庐 Medium and High Lift Order Picker听boasts a whopping 3,000-pound lift capacity and can reach maximum heights of 360 inches, making it great for reaching cargo on high racks.

Using Your Vertical Warehouse Space With Mezzanines

Designed to offer additional space,听a warehouse mezzanine system听contains an elevated work platform installed between the floor and ceiling. It’s a simpler, more affordable alternative to building a structure or renovating your existing space. It adds an above-ground level, increasing storage capacity while clearing up valuable floor room for pallet racking and inventory.

Installing a mezzanine platform system offers many benefits for your warehouse. It’s a great way to optimize storage space, save money, reduce clutter and prevent the need to relocate to another facility. If your company is constantly growing, you can easily add extra space to accommodate new product lines. In turn, you can expand product offerings for your customers and meet their demands.

Types of Warehouse Mezzanine Systems

There are three basic types of mezzanine systems:

  • Catwalk:听Catwalk mezzanines use shelving systems to support the structure. The second-floor shelving creates a catwalk pathway between the rows. A catwalk mezzanine system enables workers to move from the top floor level to other parts of the facility quickly.
  • Structural:听A structural mezzanine system also uses shelving to increase storage capacity. The mezzanine’s foundation combines with the shelving to create a walkway. A structural mezzanine can include l-beams to support longer column distances and heavier inventory needs.
  • Shelving-supported:听As the name suggests, a shelving-supported mezzanine system uses shelving to support the structure’s top level. The second level typically includes an open deck to accommodate various shelving sizes and storage options. For instance, an operator might use a forklift to transfer products onto the mezzanine’s top level on the open side. This incredibly modular system makes it easy to rearrange your storage setup as needed.

Save warehouse space with arnold machinery

Save Warehouse Space With AV集中营 Company

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