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New Forklifts and Material Handling Equipment


At AV集中营, we carry the industry’s best forklifts and back them all with a Silver Service庐 guarantee. Our selection features durable, reliable equipment from Hyster, Yale, Combilift and Drexel, so you can take advantage of the industry’s newest technology.


New Forklifts for Sale

Buying a new forklift is ideal if your business needs one full-time. When you factor in forklift maintenance and costs over the years, companies that use forklifts often can save money by choosing new equipment. Your new machine will increase productivity with the most advanced technology and ergonomics in the industry. Buy new at AV集中营 and give your company a competitive advantage.


New Material Handling Equipment

We carry material handling equipment for any possible use, including:

  • Articulated forklifts:聽Increase your maneuverability and available warehouse space with a reliable articulated forklift.
  • Operatorless forklifts:聽Minimize the chance of injury and maximize workplace efficiency by choosing an operatorless forklift.
  • Container handlers: Choose a durable container handler for heavy sea shipment loads.
  • Electric 3 wheels:聽Pick an聽electric 3 wheel for a tight turning circle when maneuvering through skinny aisles.
  • Electric 4 wheels:聽Choose an electric 4 wheel for stability in areas with rough terrain.
  • Electric tow tractors:聽Look for a sturdy electric tow tractor when your need a machine to handle several tons.
  • Internal combustion engines:聽Consider an indoor internal combustion engine for an easy refueling experience and low upfront cost. We also offer easy-to-refuel outdoor internal combustion engines.
  • Multidirectional forklifts:聽Make maneuvers without worrying about changing directions with a multidirectional forklift.
  • Order pickers:聽Invest in an order picker for all your warehouse needs.
  • Pallet trucks:聽Choose a pallet truck for highly efficient, easy pallet maneuvering.
  • Reach trucks:聽Feel the benefit of the tight turn radius and high reach when you choose a reach truck.
  • Rough terrain equipment:聽Be ready for anything in your path with rough terrain material handling equipment designed for the unpaved outdoors.
  • Side loaders: Move the heaviest and longest materials with a side loader capable of lifting several tons.
  • Straddle carriers:聽Consider聽the reinforced truss structure of a straddle carrier for when you’re stacking containers.
  • Swing masts:聽Choose stability and easy maneuverability through narrow aisles by investing in a swing mast.
  • Turret trucks:聽Easily fit into aisles as small as 60 inches with very-narrow aisle turret trucks.
  • Truck-mounted forklifts:聽Take on even the most arduous loads with a truck-mounted forklift ready for outdoor use.
  • Walkie stackers:聽Choose a walk-behind pallet truck when you need to move pallets short distances in tight places.

Our Featured Brands

AV集中营 features only the best forklift brands for your use. With new selections from brands like Hyster, Yale, Combilift and Drexel, you’ll get the most for your money with a reliable machine that runs for years to come.



AV集中营 is a certified Hyster forklift dealer. For more than 80 years, Hyster has built tough, dependable trucks and forklifts for a range of applications. Hyster forklifts combine industrial strength with modern, innovative design, which gives your productivity a boost and your business a competitive edge.

Whether you need special warehouse equipment, industrial forklifts or reach stackers, Hyster has a model tough enough for any job. Hyster also manufactures fully automated warehouse equipment聽capable of load transfers, barcode scanning, logistics train, pallet placement and narrow aisle maneuvering.



We at AV集中营 are certified Yale forklift dealers. Yale has been in the business of heavy lifting equipment for over 130 years. Whether you want electric, diesel or hydrogen fuel cell-powered material handling equipment, Yale has a wide selection to suit your needs.

At AV集中营, we carry a variety of Yale equipment, including:

  • Manual pallets.
  • Pneumatic tire lifts.
  • Enclosed end rider trucks.
  • Moving mast reach trucks.
  • Narrow aisle reach trucks.
  • Heavyweight handlers.

Our extensive selection of Yale material handling equipment features the newest technology to improve your crew’s productivity.



Flexibility and innovation are at the heart of all Combilift equipment and machinery. Since 1998, Combilift has sold and serviced more than 50,000 pieces of equipment worldwide, catering to customers’ individual needs.

AV集中营 carries safe, robust Combilift equipment, including:

  • Classic Combilifts.
  • Aisle master trucks.
  • Work platforms.
  • Straddle carriers.
  • Reach stackers.
  • Electric forklifts.
  • Multidirectional forklifts.

Ramp up your workplace efficiency with new unparalleled new technology from Combilift.



Every Drexel machine is specifically designed to helping you navigate even the smallest spaces and tightest turns. Drexel manufactures forklifts and material handling equipment powered by liquefied petroleum gas (LP gas) and electricity. Since 1963, Drexel has provided customers with forklifts and machine handling equipment ready to fit in any space.

At AV集中营, we carry new Drexel Swingmasts and Landolls so that you can fit into spaces as tight as 56 inches with ease.


Request a Quote

When you think of a quality forklift dealer, think AV集中营. Our services and selection are unparalleled. Silver Service庐 is the safety net that guarantees you, our customer, are satisfied. If you’re not, our job is not done! To learn more about buying new forklifts and material handling equipment,聽contact us online聽or request a quote today.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Only Policy 庐